Life on board is a pure pleasure, you can expect relaxing moments discovering the blue waters and the historical heritage which will amaze you. You will fee the true Mediterranean inspiration in each cruising detail.

Before you book your boat, we will discuss with you about your cruising preferences, in order to create the itinerary which will satisfy all the guests. Most of the gulets have starting ports in Trogir and Split, but, due to the other booking weeks, the gulets may start and/or finish also in Dubrovnik.

No matter of the port, we will always offer you our help in orgainizing the airport transfer for the group.

In case you prefer quiet cruising, away from the noisy ports, we will select secluded bays for you. Also, if you prefer activities, diving, rafting and similar, we will adjust the itineraries according to your wishes.

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Upon arrival on a gulet, our guests are assisted into their cabins. The guests will find their cabins fully prepared: clean bed linen, shower towels (it is preferable for guests to bring their own beach or deck towel) and other facilities. After that, a welcome meeting is held on deck for brief info regarding the cruising route and other important information about the life on board.

The cruise starts right after or next day, according to clients arrival time or the weather conditions.
Usually the daily duration of cruising is not longer than 3-4 hours, the gulets normally visit one or two bays every day, therefore, the rest of the day is spent in some magnificent bay enjoying the sun, the sea and delicious meals.
Besides sunbathing on the deck and swimming in clear waters, you can use the boat´s fishing equipment, snorkel, windsurf, water-ski or some other water activity, according to each gulet´s equipment.

Dining is usually outdoors, around a large table on the aft deck, although there is a separate dining area in the main salon. A sun awning provides shade, so the possibility of outside dining, surrounded by our beautiful see and nature, is priceless.

At evening, the gulet is moored in the port or anchored outside the port, in a beautiful bay, depending on the available places in ports and the preferences of the guests. The guests can spend the evening outside the gulet, visiting historical sights, having dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in the port or enjoing the nightlife.

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The captain and the crew are very professional, they are occupied with every detail on the boat. The cook is always a master in doing his/her job, and prepares specialities of the local cuisine (Mediterranean).
The main aims of the crew are to navigate the most beautiful areas, to provide the guests the moments of their life, taking them to the fantastic places along the Croatian coast, to serve the excellent food, to keep the boat clean and to make the idyllic and relaxed atmosphere on the boat.
The crew members have a good knowledge of surroundings, so they will advise you about the best places to snorkel, dive, dine, anchor etc.


Gulets and mini cruisers provide the unique and the most magical background for all kinds of celebrations and presentations you wish to do during your cruising. The magical nights in front of the lighted port , the silence and the scents of the sea in secluded bay, the sound of the waves are all the perfect setup, regardless the occasion.
We can create a fabulous atmosphere on the boat, prepare the surprise party, bring live music on the boat, serve the elegant dinner on deck, decorate the boat for particular occasion, prepare the salon or deck for business presentations and anything else you wish.

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Food & Drink

Food and drink are not included in the rental price. The guests may choose between half board (breakfast and lunch), full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and all inclusive menu. The half board in minimum obligatory.
Croatian cuisine is a part of Mediterranean cuisine. The menues on board contain all the fresh local products. Before your arrival, we send you a preference list which you fill with your likes and dislikes, so the crew can be ready and prepare the meals according to your wishes.
A variety of fresh salads, fruits and vegetables accompany various fish, chicken and meat recipes.!

The drinks and beverages are not included in standard half and full boards (unless the all inclusive package in taken) and are to be taken and paid on the boat bar.
In case the all inclusive package is taken, it consists of Croatian wines, beers, spirits, juices, tea, coffee etc. which are the part of the standard boat bar offer. Some guests prefer more quality and more expensive wines than in package, and that is charged extra. Aslo, the foreign drinks (like vodka, whiskey...) if consumed, are extra fee.


When it comes to spending the time on the boat, you should bring as less as possible. Although, some items are essential.
Some of the gulets provide sun bathing towels and some not, please ask of this option, so you could know whether to bring them or not.
The atmosphere on the boat is very casual, you will spend most of the day in your swim suite, shorts and T-shirts. For the nights in ports, you may want to bring additional clothes, also please pay attention of unpredictable weather and cool breeze and bring some warmer clothes.

Since you will be seeing the most amazing sceneries of your life, bring your camera to make them eternal. You will have enough time on the boat for yourselves so you can bring a book or anything you might find attractive to spend the lazy afternoon with.

Although, most of the gulets are supplied with basic toilet items, we advice bringing your own tooth paste, shampoo and shower gel. The hand and shower towels are provided for each guest.

In case you forgot to bring something you need, and there is no such item on the boat, please just inform us and we will give our best to provide it and deliver it to you on the boat.

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